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Hi, I'm Zander, I'm Hayden, and I'm Jermario, and we want to share are passion for science, tech, and how things work!

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Hayden Deen

I wasn't always into STEM. In high school my best subject was English, and I worked on the school newspaper. As I transitioned into college, I started to really enjoy my math classes, and I gained a love for anything with a motor, which nudged me towards engineering school. A recent graduate of the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor's in Engineering, I aim to share my passion for teaching and cars with our listeners.
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Jermario Smiley

Hello World! My name is Jermario D. Smiley. With a degree in Management Information Systems and focus in Business Analysis, I'm hoping to bring technological advances to the forefront of everyday conversation. I have a huge background in Computer Architecture as well as knowing several programming languages such as C++, Java, Python, and the always classy, COBOL. I hope to keep you entertained while bringing you on this journey to learning what makes our everyday lives tic!
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Zander Propes

Hi, I'm Zander, my science passion started back in high school with basic science courses. I wanted to learn more so I went to college for biology, and fell deeper in love with how things are the way they are. Upon graduation, I married my wife, commissioned as an Army officer, and got a job as a lab tech at a brewery where I test beer, and perform data analytics on our product. I would love for you to learn with us, as we embark on the journey of learning a little something about something.